Regulamento Galp+

Galp, through Petróleos de Portugal – Petrogal, S.A., is the promoter of the Galp+ card
The Galp+ card, issued by Petróleos de Portugal – Petrogal, S.A. (hereinafter referred to as “Galp”) permits access to direct discounts in the purchase of vehicle fuel and/or other products at participating Galp Card Network Service Stations (hereinafter referred to as participating Service Stations).
The card is directed at customers of the private segment (not the professional transport segment) registered in Galp loyalty programmes, provided they are covered by the conditions of each one of the existing Galp+ card versions (namely, Galp+ Movijovem, Galp+ Sporting Clube de Portugal, Galp+ GPL Auto and Galp+ Açores). 
The general conditions in force at each moment will be available on the internet at and in publications or communications to be promoted by Galp. 

Validity / Characteristics
The Galp+ card programme is of unlimited duration. Galp reserves, however, the right to cancel, suspend, modify or replace (temporarily or permanently) the issue and use of the Galp+ card, by communicating said fact at least 30 days in advance. The site is a valid means of communication. 

Any customer over 16 years of age, provided he/she is registered in a loyalty programme of Galp and covered by the conditions of the versions of the existing Galp+ card, can subscribe to the card via the telephone number 707 504 257 (call paid by the customer) or through the internet address 
The subscription to the Galp+ card of customers not registered on Galp loyalty programmes requires registration on a programme.
The use of the card implies the awareness and express acceptance of its conditions of use and of the programme's regulation. 
All members of the Galp+ card programme are holders of an issued and customised card with their individual name. 

Galp+ Card
The Galp+ card programme is currently supported by a card associated to the registration of each holder. There may, however, exist other physical devices through which it will be possible to identify, authenticate and carry out transactions associated to Galp+ card programme members' accounts. 
The Galp+ card may take on different images and offer configurations, according to the different established segments based on demographic segmentation or other criteria. The segmentation associated to the Galp+ card permits exclusive access to the particular conditions associated to the defined benefits. 
The Galp+ card is a card that grants non-financial discounts and therefore has no associated PIN.
Galp can, at any time and without notice, alter the discounts - relative to future fill-ups - applicable to the card. 
The Galp+ card is personal and non-transferable. The holder may be requested to show his/her identification in order to ensure the security of the system. 
Galp advises all card holders to keep their card in a safe location and to maintain it in good condition, so as to guarantee the reliability, efficiency and security of its use.
Galp reserves the right not to accept or grant the discount associated to the Galp+ card where fraud or undue use is detected or when the card does not fall within the technical identification limits specified by the system. 
Galp also reserves the right to cancel and forfeit the card for non-compliance with the terms and conditions of participation, to not produce copies of lost cards or of cards regarding which indications of fraud or undue use are detected, and to also debit the costs associated to the issue and dispatch of a new Galp+ card. 
Galp cannot be held liable for the loss or theft of the Galp+ card, which must be communicated to Galp via the telephone number 707 504 257 (call paid by the customer). 
The cards recovered by the Galp service station network will be returned to their holders. It us therefore recommended that data (name, address and telephone, among other details) be maintained up-to-date through the telephone number 707 504 257 (call paid by the customer). 
The Galp+ card is valid for the period indicated on the card. The requests for re-issue are limited to 2 (two) per card and per year. 

Discounts and payments
The Galp+ card grants an immediate discount in the purchase of the identified products, at participating Service Stations, according to the provisions herein. The card must be presented to the operator of the service station for automatic validation, before payment is made.
The discount granted by the Galp+ card is levied on the retail price of the products at participating Service Stations when filling-up and may be used with promotions or discount campaigns underway at each moment provided the latter are reflected in the pump price (retail price) in force. The simultaneous use of different types of Galp+ cards is not, however, possible. It is also not possible to use the Galp+ card with Galp Frota Business, Galp Frota Corporate or Professional cards, with Ticket Car, with Galp / Continente promotions or with discount vouchers.
The discounts are granted at participating Service Stations in accordance with the purchase of products and/or services made by the card holder and with the conditions in force.

Allocation of Discounts
Discounts are granted according to the conditions defined in accordance with:
• Purchases made of products and/or services eligible under the discount conditions, at participating Service Stations;
• Promotional discount systems (campaigns);
• Mechanisms of reward based on frequency / intensity of purchases.
The development of specific promotional actions may permit, during specific periods of time, the granting of value discounts different to what has been established, the granting of bonuses according to defined criteria and communicated on a case-by-case basis or preventing the granting of a discount when there is already the benefit of other advantages in the obtainment of offers within the scope of the Galp+ card.
For security reasons, there are daily limits in connection with the number of transactions that can be made at the same service station and/or with the same card which, if exceeded, may result in the account/card being annulled. 
No discounts are granted in the following situations:
• Fill-ups at non-participating Service Stations;
• Purchases of products and/or services not eligible under the discount conditions;
• The units of purchase, in litres, that exceed the limit defined in the general conditions or whose prevention is foreseen within the scope of promotional actions.
Galp may not, under any circumstances, be held liable or held responsible for any acts or omissions of the participating Service Stations, namely for losses caused by the impossibility of using the computer system, for mechanical malfunctions, difficulties in the functioning of the communication or authorisation validation systems or for the demagnetisation of the magnetic stripe of cards or refusal to grant discounts in participating Service Stations.

Suggestions or complaints
Any suggestions or complaints may be submitted via the telephone number 707 50 4257 (call paid by the customer) or through the internet address Internet

Guarantees of confidentiality and treatment of personal data
The personal data collected through the available subscription channels and with respect to the use of the Galp+ card will be processed in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Policy available at 

The information collected will be dealt with confidentially and in line with best practice.