Galp Frota Corporate and Professional

For companies
that go further

A world of advantages, within and outside service stations, to help you maximise the return on your fleet.

Galp Frota Corporate

Credit card for companies with high consumption

Directed at companies with an annual fuel consumption of more than 9,000 litres, Galp Frota Corporate is the fuel card most used by
fleet managers in Portugal, permitting the purchase of Galp* fuel, products and services, on credit, throughout the entire Iberian Peninsula.


  • Payment on credit of Galp fuel, products and services in a network of 1,400 stations in Portugal and Spain;
  • Discount on fuel consumption;
  • Support in managing your fleet;
  • Payment of tolls in Portugal and Spain;
  • PIN is valid in the Iberian Peninsula, with the possibility of changing the PIN at Galp stations;
  • Three types of cards: company, personal and vehicle;
  • Professional diesel tax recovery;
  • Customer service, available 24 hours a day in Portugal and Spain; **


  • Each card has a PIN for validation, which may be changed by the user at Galp stations;
  • No need to carry money anymore;
  • Possibility of defining an additional identification code;
  • The validation of the card and transactions are carried out electronically;
  • Automatic issuance of the receipt confirming the purchase of the product/service;

* Includes fuel, LPG, lubricants, auto services (washing, vacuuming), auto accessories (brushes, window wipers, antifreeze, etc.), motorist services/products (store products, bottled gas), tolls (through the presentation of the card or its direct association to Via Verde in Portugal, or Via T in Spain).

** From 9pm to 8am, weekends and holidays, available only for card cancellations.

Online management platform

Managing your entire vehicle fleet online, via the computer, tablet or mobile phone is easy. Discover the functionalities of the Galp Frotawebsite.

Card management

  • Request / blocking / cancellation of cards;
  • Consultation / alteration of card details;
  • Association / transfer of association to Via Verde;
  • Status of consumption limit;

Management of users

  • Creation / blocking / cancellation of users;
  • Alteration of level of access;
  • Alteration of password;

Statements and movements

  • Consultation and download of statements and movements;
  • Search for transactions by type of product and service;


  • Actions of users that manage the fleet;
  • Alterations to the status of requests made in the site;
  • Relevant information on the status of the cards;


Three types of ownership.

icon-card-theme Corporate card

Greater autonomy and flexibility for any motorist in any vehicle of your fleet.

  • Card associated to the company, which can be used by any motorist and/or vehicle of your fleet, ensuring flexibility in its usage;
  • Indicated for companies with machinery or a fleet of vehicles with frequent substitution;
icon-user-theme Personal card

Exclusivity and ideal freedom for employees of your company.

  • Card associated to the name of the user, which is not transferable and can be used in any vehicle;
  • Geared towards middle and senior managers of a company;
icon-auto-theme Vehicle card

Control all the expenses of a vehicle, on one card.

  • Card associated to a number plate, which can be used by any employee of your company;
  • All transations are recorded and included in a management report made available in the Galp Frotawebsite or sent together with the invoice;
  • Indication of the costs of the transactions and consumption averages;

Customisation elements of Corporate and Professional cards



  1. Petrogal code
  2. Customer code
  3. Card No.
  4. Check digit
  5. Identification of the company
  6. Customisable additional information
  7. Scope of geographic use
  8. Type of fuel
  9. Fuel limit
  10. Obligation, or not, to enter the kilometres after the PIN
  11. Identification of the holder or vehicle
  12. Expiration date of card

How to subscribe

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Find out more through the Galp Frota Customer Service:

Portugal: 707 508 408
Espanha: 901 101 147
(From 9pm to 8am, weekends and holidays, available only for card cancellations)

Find the Service Stations where you can use the Galp Frota cards on the map or download the list.